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Park Village Pines has provided Senior Assisted Living in Kalamazoo (and Elderly Assisted Care services) since 1983. In our three buildings we serve seniors and the elderly who have few or basic care needs as well as those who require specialized or memory loss care.

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Senior Assisted Care & Elderly Assisted Living

in Kalamazoo, MI

Located in Kalamazoo, our original and largest Senior Assisted Care and Elderly Assisted Living community is a place of comfort, caring and fellowship located in a peaceful, secluded location on the west edge of the city.

Life here is meant to be meaningful. Shopping trips, outings, special events, and worship services are available. Spiritual Life opportunities in our facilities include daily devotions and weekly worship services, as well as Bible studies led by our chaplains. Our Social Worker and Chaplain tend to the emotional and spiritual needs of our senior residents.

Professional, around-the clock senior assisted care is available for all residents to the degree that each requires. A state-of-the-art computerized care system helps ensure accuracy and comfort, while a dedicated staff is completely committed to the principles of compassion and respect.

Our elderly assisted living Kalamazoo facilities are modern, and are meticulously maintained and cleaned. Three meals offering multiple choices are served daily in our modern Dining Room.  Our kitchen will soon be undergoing a state-of-the-art renovation which will bring a wider range of options for our residents.

All rooms are private and are maintained and updated to ensure the highest standards of quality are met. New residents enjoy choosing a recently renovated room in which to live.

Side view of a happy senior woman smiling while drawing as a recreational activity or therapy outdoors together with the group of retired women.








Now offering Short Term Care

Park Village Pines is ready to partner with you.

  • Need a break from caring for a senior loved one?
  • Does Dad want to know what assisted living is like before he moves in permanently?
  • Going on vacation and don’t want to worry about Mom?
  • Is your elderly parent who isn’t quite ready to go home being discharged from a hospital or nursing home?