at Park Village Pines

Park Village Pines, the Christian assisted living facility in Kalamazoo, has full and part-time Medical Caregiver and Personal Caregiver openings on our Resident Care Team. Medical Caregivers need to possess basic medical terminology and medical knowledge, as well as experience administering medications. Personal Caregivers need basic training/experience related to assisted living care, and would preferably possess a CNA.

For more information please contact Eric Hines, Human Resources Manager at (269) 364-6058

A great place to work, live and be a part of...

Park Village Pines is a well-established, Christian non-profit in business for over 34 years.

Staff Mission Statement
…to be the most responsible, innovative and caring staff in the State of Michigan.

Excellent Reputation

Environment is a “family culture”

Employees are appreciated, valued & heard

Great Full-time benefits!

  • Excellent health, vision, dental coverage!
  • Long term disability insurance given after 3 years full-time
  • Life insurance given after 3 years full-time
  • 401K match up to 5% after working full-time for a year!
  • PTO – 2 weeks off after working here 1 year!
  • Paid holidays or double pay if working
  • Education Assistance Program


Great perks for ALL staff:

  • Excellent training program to help you succeed in your role. CPR class no cost.
  • Round Table discussions with the Leadership Team
  • Access to our own Spritual Life Coordinator
  • Incentive Programs
  • Free “scrub” clothing program for Resident Care
  • Occasional break room goodies!
  • Ocassional free lunches for the whole staff!
  • Rewards for going above and beyond!